Your Password for Fiwi 2.0.9:


Fiwi is a compact, faceless application to help with moving files and folders via 2 symmetrical Finder windows. It really helps saving time and avoid confusion.

Retina Screens users: We have had reports that Fiwi is not able to manage Finder windows as expected when run on a retina screen. As a temporary fix please use the Fiwi set up app provided. In the Finder please set up the two windows exactly as you wish them to appear, run Fiwi set up and choose Windows Settings. In the ensuing dialog box choose Set Customised Windows. Fiwi will maintain those settings correctly. To change size or orientation please use Fiwi set up again.


Your Password for GrupaDupa 3.0.2:

GrupaDupa was created by people like you who want their hard disks free of duplicated files without spending ages in front of a computer.
After extensive search and testing of available duplicate detection software we decided to write our own with emphasis on speed and ease of use... and thus GrupaDupa was born.

We dicovered that most of our duplicated files were named the same and stored more than once in different folders. We decided to optimize GrupaDupa to find those files quickly and without having to set up any preferences. This is therefore our default search.

GrupaDupa will find duplicates in any available volume in a flash. This includes hard disks, both internal and external, and any volume on your local network or on the internet. For example, GrupaDupa scanned the entire contents of one of WordPower's hard drives (126,963,803 files), filtered out all the files that were contained in folders like bundles, themes. packages etc but appeared as files, sorted them and listed 6,658 possible duplicated files. This operation took only 45 seconds to complete.

When GrupaDupa is run, it scans the requested location and presents you with a list of the possible duplicates it has found. From this list you can inspect the details of each of them, including its location, size, modification date, and checksum. You can also work with a duplicate right from our interface by opening it with its associated application, revealing it in the Finder, viewing it using Quick Look, or deleting it. GrupaDupa has been tested to work on Mountain Lion 10.8



iNetTaxGross has no password

Work out net tax and gross amounts easily with iNetTaxGross

iNetTaxGross performs a simple but very useful task:
it helps work out what is the net, tax charged and gross from any given amount of any of them.
Given one of them it works out the other two.
iNetTaxGross is a cocoa application, written in objective C and it starts in a flash.
The interface is very simple but powerful and user friendly. 
Its window by default is small and unobtrusive but you can zoom it to any size up to full screen.
I hardly uses any memory and processor time

Decompress and drag the iNetTaxGross folder to the Utilities (or any other folder) on your hard disk.
Hover your mouse over objects to display tooltips. 
You can enter amounts by tabbing to the desired input field. Shift tab reverses the order.
iNetTaxGross supports double clicking to select all and copy text.
Paste and undo are available only in input fields.
Calculate by pressing enter, return or the calculate button.
Clear all data by typing the escape key , command full-stop (⌘.) or the clear button.
A checkbox allows you to select whether you want to round amounts to 2 decimal points
or display them raw, with as many decimal points as a calculator would.