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Work out net tax and gross amounts easily with iNetTaxGross

iNetTaxGross performs a simple but very useful task:
it helps work out what is the net, tax charged and gross from any given amount of any of them.
Given one of them it works out the other two.
iNetTaxGross is a cocoa application, written in objective C and it starts in a flash.
The interface is very simple but powerful and user friendly. 
Its window by default is small and unobtrusive but you can zoom it to any size up to full screen.
I hardly uses any memory and processor time

Decompress and drag the iNetTaxGross folder to the Utilities (or any other folder) on your hard disk.
Hover your mouse over objects to display tooltips. 
You can enter amounts by tabbing to the desired input field. Shift tab reverses the order.
iNetTaxGross supports double clicking to select all and copy text.
Paste and undo are available only in input fields.
Calculate by pressing enter, return or the calculate button.
Clear all data by typing the escape key , command full-stop (⌘.) or the clear button.
A checkbox allows you to select whether you want to round amounts to 2 decimal points
or display them raw, with as many decimal points as a calculator would.